Setting up the Emperor

Your certified 3node is a plug and earn device. The USB installed in the back contains the operating system ZeroOS. Do not remove this USB.

Because WIFI is not reliable enough for a server, a wired Ethernet connection is required. Connect the included Ethernet cable to your router or Ethernet switch.

While it is not required, connecting the 3node to a TV or monitor is helpful to ensure all is going as it should, plus it’s fun to watch.

Plug the device into an outlet. Attaching to a UPS (battery backup) is not required, but is always a good idea to help with uptime. At the minimum, use a high quality surge protector.

Turn on the device.  It will take several minutes for it to load and fully connect. The final screen should show your farm name, node number, and several IP addresses.  This screen may take some time to fully populate all the fields. Not all the IP address will populate. Do not be alarmed at the 0% data reporting, that is normal.

Give the FAQ a read.