How many 3nodes can I have?

There is no limit on the number of nodes. However, oversubscribing the amount of nodes to your available bandwidth creates useless network capacity. As a rule of thumb do not install more than one standard quad core 3node for every 10mbps of bandwidth. In the near future, bandwidth requirements will be enforced. There are many online internet speed tests available, try several and average them.

What exactly is Threefold and what does the 3node do?

It’s a decentralized cloud where instead of the servers that make up the cloud are owned by a few companies (think Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), the servers (aka 3nodes) are spread around. People who need cloud capacity utilize the capacity the 3nodes provide. This has a lot of benefits beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Does each 3node need its own farm?

No! There is no reason to split the 3nodes between different farms unless you want to them linked to different wallets.

How do I create a farm and TFT wallet?

Just download the Threefold Connect app and create a wallet and farm. Note the name and farm number for checkout.



What is this dongle in the HDMI port?

Many motherboards do not support headless (that is no monitor) booting, including the one in the Peking 3node. Make sure either a monitor or the monitor emulator dongle is plugged in at all times. You can take it out and swap between emulator and monitor after boot, just make sure the emulator is replaced in case of a power outage so it can reboot. You will know all is fine if the power light is steady, if it stays blinking make sure the emulator chip is plugged in. There is no need to have a monitor plugged in routinely.

How do I know if my node is online?

Using the Telegram app for notifications is a convenient temporary solution until an alert system is built into the Threefold Connect app.


https://t.me/tfnodestatusbot Add your node id with /subscribe #### You can get a fresh status check with /ping ####

Where can I see the farming rewards?

Check on the Threefold Connect App wallet linked to your farm.

Why is my node shown as DIY in the explorer?

There is a semi-manual script Treefold runs to identify the new certified nodes on the network. Once the script runs it will be updated to display Certified. 

Do I need to change my router settings?

99.9% of the time, no. Unless you changed the settings on your router, it should have a DHCP server that will give your 3node a local IP address. There are no ports that need to be opened. ZeroOS tunnels out of the network, unique to this project.

How do I see how much I’m earning?

There is no live tracking of the earning amount like there is for proof of work mining.

Why does the status screen when I have the monitor attached show 0%?

This is reporting the amount of space reserved on the node, it will report 0% or 1% until network capacity starts to get reserved.

When I watch the 3node boot up I see some errors, but everything seems fine afterwards.  Should I be concerned?

The loading of ZeroOS shows some errors that can be alarming the first time you see them. If the final status screen shows no errors and shows on the explorer, all is fine. You should see your farm name, node #, and some IP addresses on the status screen of your node. If all is not fine, contact support. support@duckfarmdata.com

How do I turn it off?

At this time, only a hard shutdown is possible by holding down the power button. There is also a small reset button next to the power button.

When do I get my TFT?

TFT is distributed once a month, typically on the 8th. Note that distribution can take over a day with one transaction per 3node.

What are the extra cables and parts for?

It felt wrong for us to hoard all the extra cables and screws our components come with.  Hopefully adding drives and a GPU will be supported soon, so you will be able to more easily attach these with the included accessories.

I got less TFT than I should have. What gives?

Since uptime requirements are not yet enforced, you had less than 100% uptime and the amount was prorated. If it is slightly different, the advertised TFT amount is a best estimate.

I did not get my TFT. Why?

You did not meet the required xx% uptime (once uptime is enforced) or there is some issue regarding the wallet you linked to your farm. Contact support if this occurs, any emails before distribution has been completed will be ignored.

Can I add hard drives or solid state drives to the 3node?

Adding capacity to your certified 3node has not been fully tested.  The hardware and cables needed to do this have been included in the hopes this can be supported.

How do I add a GPU?

The amount of TFT a GPU will earn and when this will be supported is unknown at this time.

Whats with the ducks?